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Bard powerport™ catheter failure lawsuit

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chemo port linked to complications

10+ Known Injuries
Thousands of claimants affected

Hundreds of serious adverse events involving the implantable Bard PowerPort™ catheter have been reported to the FDA including device fracture or infection which may result in heart attack, stroke, hemorrhage, blood clot, sepsis, necrosis, and other life-threatening events.

Bard PowerPorts™ are implantable catheters which are inserted underneath the skin to deliver medications and fluids into the bloodstream in patients who need frequent treatments. Bard PowerPorts™ have been linked to high rates of device failure which may cause serious, life-threatening complications. Bard PowerPort™ Catheter devices may migrate, fracture, or cause infections resulting in:

Heart attack
Pulmonary embolism
Cardiac arrhythmia
Blood clots
Sepsis (bloodstream infection)
Necrosis (death of tissue)

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why should I care about the bard powerport™ lawsuit?

The Bard PowerPort™ lawsuit pertains to allegations against C.R. Bard, Inc., a leading medical device manufacturer. Several patients and healthcare providers have claimed that Bard's PowerPort™ devices, which are implantable ports used to facilitate intravenous treatments, were defectively designed or manufactured. The alleged defects have been linked to a series of complications, including device fracturing, migration, infection, and other serious health problems. Plaintiffs argue that C.R. Bard knew or should have known about these risks but failed to adequately warn the medical community or the public. Multiple lawsuits have been filed, seeking compensation for injuries and demanding that the company be held accountable for its actions.

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