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millions of auto accidents per year
40,000+ deaths reported in 2021

The aftermath of a road accident often brings a maze of legal procedures and emotional distress. Injuries, damages, and untold stresses can overshadow the lives of those involved. It’s time your story is heard and your rights, defended.

Tortx partners with expert lawyers across the nation to stand up for victims of vehicular negligence. We're committed to ensuring that every individual affected by a motor vehicle accident is given the attention and legal representation they deserve.

With recent changes in legislation offering new opportunities for victims to seek redress, our nationwide network of legal experts is well-versed in the latest state-specific laws.

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maclaren hall case history

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Maclaren Hall Workers Arrested For Crimes Against Children

Maclaren has been the target of many lawsuits and abuse allegations in the past, with public outcry over the Probation Department’s treatment of children. In 1984, many employees at MacLaren were arrested for crimes committed against children in their care.

California Child Victims Act

In 2019, California passed the California Child Victims Act. It took effect in January 2020. It provides a “look back” window of three years, allowing childhood sexual abuse victims in California to file a lawsuit against their abuser and other responsible parties, regardless of how long ago the abuse happened.

Updates on Maclaren Hall Lawsuit

A new legal action in 2020 state law set up a three-year window in California for victims of childhood sexual abuse to seek out redress for past incidents. “The history of allegations of abuse at MacLaren Hall is not lost on us and drives me every day to see through critical reforms for the over 30,000 children in our child welfare system,” said Hilda Solis, the County Supervisor who oversees the district MacLaren was in.

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What to know about the Maclaren Hall lawsuit

MacLaren has been the target of many lawsuits and abuse allegations in the past, with public outcry over the Probation Department’s treatment of children.

In 1984, many employees at MacLaren were arrested for crimes committed against children in their care. The year after, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors convened a grand jury to further investigate abuse allegations at the center.
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why should I seek a lawyer for my auto accident?

Navigating the aftermath of an auto accident can be overwhelming, especially when you're coping with injuries, negotiating with insurance companies, and facing a mountain of paperwork. Insurance providers are adept at minimizing payouts, often offering settlements quickly to avoid larger claims. A lawyer can level the playing field, using their expertise to assess the full extent of your claim, including potential long-term impacts on your health and finances.

Auto accident law is complex and varies significantly by state. Without legal expertise, crucial deadlines, document submissions, and procedural requirements can be easily missed or misunderstood, potentially undermining your case.

An auto accident isn't just a claim; it's a personal crisis that impacts your life and the lives of your loved ones. When you're injured, your main focus should be on recovery, not on legal battles. A lawyer acts as your personal advocate, focusing on fighting for your rights while you focus on healing. With their support, you can confront insurance companies and responsible parties effectively.

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