what the heck is a tort?

We answer the million dollar question that you're definitely thinking about.

contrary to popular belief, a tort is not a fruity dessert.

Torts are wrongful acts committed by someone that lead to significant physical or financial loss or harm to someone else. It doesn’t matter if the wrongful act was intentional or unintentional, the party committing the act is liable for any loss or harm that occurred as a result of their action, according to negligent liability.

why should i care?

As a consumer, there are torts and class action lawsuits occurring all around you at any given moment. Lots of companies are infamous for releasing products or services that have negative impacts and can even cause harm to the consumers. You may have heard of class action lawsuits. These are generally lawsuits where one of the parties involved represents a larger group of people. Class action lawsuits occur against big companies all the time and often, anyone affected by the wrongful acts of the company can be entitled to financial compensation.

torts in the past

The American Cancer Society won a court case against Big Tobacco in 2006 due to Big Tobacco failing to disclose the deadly effects of cigarettes and secondhand smoke to their consumers. Big Tobacco paid a settlement of $246 billion as compensation for those who were affected by their failure to disclose the health risks of cigarettes. Now, if you pick up a pack of cigarettes, there is a clearly labeled disclaimer that notifies consumers of the effects they may face when using cigarettes.

Consumers were represented in the class action lawsuit against Big Tobacco by the American Cancer Society, and when the case was won, those consumers were then eligible for financial compensation.

To claim this compensation, consumers are required to file a claim, which they often fail to do because they are not aware that there is a lawsuit or that they are even eligible.

how does tortx tie into all this? 

We provide you with a path to justice at tortx. By determining your eligibility and getting you in touch with vetted and trusted legal representatives, we help you get the compensation you deserve.

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