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Uber and Lyft riders have come forward with allegations that their drivers sexually assaulted or harassed them during their rides. Were you a victim of ride share abuse? You may be entitled to compensation.

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Many rely on ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft as their mode of transportation. With their presence in hundreds of countries around the world, Uber and Lyft are providing rides to over 15 millions riders per day.


Neither platform requires its drivers to go through background checks or perform fingerprinting prior to being employed as a driver. Many riders that use these services are unaware of this and have fallen victim to drivers taking advantage of them during and after their rides.


Uber and Lyft riders have come forward with claims that their drivers harassed, threatened, locked them in their cars, assaulted, and even raped them during or after their rides. Despite all of these allegations, the ride share providers have failed to take preventative measures in screening their employees.


Under the California Judicial Council, judges ruled that those who suffered from sexual assault from their Uber or Lyft drivers may be entitled to compensation. In the past, ride share providers have brushed these problems under the rug, but more victims are coming forward and demanding justice every day.


There are hundreds of sexual assault allegations against Uber and Lyft drivers claiming that victims experienced assault and harassment before, during, or after their rides.

These claims have been brought forward, but both Uber and Lyft have continued to be negligent in their hiring and screening process.


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