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Truvada HIV medication linked to kidney failure and bone loss. Did you develop complications after taking Truvada? You may be entitled to compensation.

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Truvada was developed as an HIV medication to help treat and reduce the risk of HIV infections.


Truvada was found to contain the active ingredient tenofovir disoproxil fumurate (TDF), which is highly toxic when taken in large doses.


Lawsuits against Truvada claim that the HIV medication has been linked to permanent kidney and bone damage, due to the presence of TDF.


The manufacturers of Truvada pushed the drug into the market and continued to back it despite knowing it had side effects and there were other, less dangerous, alternatives available.


Manufacturer of Truvada, Gilead, is being faced with lawsuits due to side affects associated with Truvada

Claims made against Gilead include a failure to warn about the risk of TDF toxicity, withholding safer alternative HIV drug, and providing false and misleading information about the risks of TDF in drugs.


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