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Firefighters Exposed to Firefighting Foam at Higher Risk of Cancer

Civilian & Military firefighters who were exposed to firefighting foam and later developed cancer or serious injuries, may be entitled to compensation. Check if you’re pre-qualified below.

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afff linked to cancer

897 documented spills
thousands of claimants affected

Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) is primarily used in fires containing liquid flammables. The foam creates a blanket that cuts off the fuel from the oxygen it needs to burn, smothering the fire. Firefighters and navy personnel, and airport personnel are constantly exposed to this foam for training and emergencies.

Numerous types of cancer have been linked to exposure to firefighting foam that contains PFAS and this foam has led to contamination in several regions of the country. Lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers alleging that these companies sold AFFF despite knowing that it was hazardous to humans and the environment.

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President Biden's proposed Firefighter Protection Act aims to provide critical resources and support to firefighters across the United States, with a focus on their health, safety, and training. The Act seeks to support all firefighters, including career and volunteer firefighters and was created in recognition of the unique risks and challenges faced by those who risk their lives to protect our communities.

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afff case history

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september 2018
Over 80 AFFF Class Action Lawsuits Brought Before Federal Court

A new MDL for the Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF) is brought forward to the federal court. These lawsuits all have similar issues regarding the toxicity of the foam and its links to cancer.

Research shows that about 20% of firefighters exposed to the foam were diagnosed with cancer at some point. Many were also diagnosed with other serious complications.

September 2022
Nearly 2,700 AFFF Lawsuits Pending In U.S. Federal Court

The Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Product Liability Litigation sees high volumes of cases against manufacturers like 3M®, TYCO Fire Product, Dupont®, Buckeye Fire Equipment, and Chemguard Inc.

The Judge motioned for summary judgement and stated that AFFF manufacturers withheld information about the health risks associated with the firefighting foam.

November 2022
Updates on AFFF Trial

The charges against AFFF manufacturers include long-term exposure to the foam and the affects on individual firefighters, and also the the costs associated with cleaning up contaminated water supplies from AFFF spills.

risks associated with afff exposure

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kidney cancer
pancreatic cancer
testicular cancer
liver cancer
breast cancer
prostrate cancer

Firefighters May Qualify For Compensation

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What to know about The AFFF lawsuit

Several lawsuits against AFFF manufacturers are leading to change

3M®, DuPont®, and Chemors®, among others, have been sued for the contamination and health complications that people have experienced after being exposed to AFFF products. Many of these suits have led to cleanup efforts and large payouts for victims.
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why should I care about the AFFF lawsuit?

Thousands of individuals that worked in the navy, in airports, and as firefighters were required to be in contact with AFFF for their jobs. What these people didn't know is that they were potentially harming their lives every day on the job. Many developed cancer later in life and are suffering the consequences of prolonged exposure to AFFF.

Currently, the Navy and other organizations are shifting away from chemicals that contain PFAs, but that doesn't help those who were already exposed to the toxic foam and are facing lasting conditions to this day. If you or a loved one was affected by toxic AFFF, you may qualify for compensation.

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