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tylenol® claim

Tylenol® use during pregnancy linked to ADHD and autism in children.

southern baptist claim

Members of the Southern Baptist Convention accused of sexual abuse.

camp lejeune claim

Toxic water at Camp LeJeune linked to cancers and other serious side effects.

3M® earplugs claim

3M® combat earplugs linked to hearing loss and tinnitus.

toxic formula claim

Baby formula linked to necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in premature babies. 

truvada claim

Truvada HIV medication linked to kidney failure and bone loss.

hernia mesh claim

Hernia mesh devices linked to revision surgeries and life-threatening complications.

3M® bairhugger claim

3M® bairhugger devices linked to serious infections after surgeries.

afff claim

AFFF fire suppressant foam linked to cases of cancer.

elmiron® claim

Elmiron® bladder pain medication linked to serious eye damage.

paragard® iud

Paragard® IUDs linked to serious medical complications.

roundup® claim

Monsanto Roundup® linked to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. 

juul® e-cigarette lawsuit

Juul e-cigarettes linked to dangerous health risks commonly associated with cigarettes.

zantac® claim

Zantac® heartburn medication linked to cancer.

talcum powder claim

Talcum powder use linked to ovarian cancer in women.