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toxic hair relaxers linked to cases of uterine cancer

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chemical hair straighteners contain ingredients linked to uterine cancer

several brands linked to cancer
millions of women affected

Chemical hair straighteners are used by many but users are blatantly unaware of the risks associated with such products. Studies have been conducted to show that chemical hair straightening products have been linked to higher risks of cancer in women, predominantly uterine cancer.

Parabens, phthalates, and other ingredients found in such products are known to disrupt the endocrine system. Studies found that a frequent users risks of developing certain cancers increased significantly after use of chemical hair straighteners. Brands that have been targeted for this lawsuit include Dark & Lovely®, L'Oreal®, Revlon®, Conditioning Crème Relaxer, and ORS™ Olive Oil.

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toxic hair straighteners
case history

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Individuals Started Reporting Uterine Cancer Diagnoses Following Use of Chemical Straighteners

Users began to report that they were diagnosed with uterine cancer and other complications after using certain chemical hair straighteners, despite having no family history of these ailments.

Studies Conducted on Effects of Hair Products

A recent study examined links between hair product usage and the development of uterine cancer in women and found a higher rate of developing uterine cancer in those who had used chemical straighteners as opposed to those who had not used the straighteners (Journal of the National Cancer Institute).

october 2022
Lawsuits Filed Against Major Chemical Hair Straightener Brands

Several lawsuits were filed against popular chemical hair straightener brands based on allegations that these products caused hair loss and were linked to serious medical complications, including uterine cancer.

risks associated with afff exposure

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kidney cancer
pancreatic cancer
testicular cancer
liver cancer
breast cancer
prostrate cancer

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What to know about the toxic hair products lawsuit

A group of researchers looked at over 30,000 women's hair care habits and found that those who frequently used chemical hair straighteners were at higher risk of developing cancer.

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why should I care about the toxic hair product claim?

Chemical hair straighteners are commonly used by Black women for hair styles. These products altering hair to semi-permanently keep it straight by using parabens and phthalates, which have been linked to disrupting endocrine function and increasing one's risk to cancer.

Many women have been altering their hair with these toxic products to adhere to beauty standards, but they are unaware of the risks associated with them. Users have been found to have increased risks of uterine cancer, among other implications. Lawsuits against products such as Africa's Best, Creme of Nature, and ORS Olive Oil have been brought forward due to these implications.

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