everything you need to know about the bair hugger lawsuit

3M® sued for defective surgical blankets.

notice: we do not condone hugging bears.

3M®’s Bair Hugger warming devices have been under fire since 2013. After a trial in 2018, 3M® continued to advertise the blankets as safe and effective for surgeries. According to the inventor of the warming devices, claims made defending the efficacy of the blankets were misleading and measured the wrong variables, yet 3M® continued to sell them.

what is bair hugger?

Bair Hugger blankets are enclosed blankets that are often placed on patients after major surgeries to help regulate their body temperature.These forced-air warming blankets were found to be unsafe by several sources, as some failed to inflate fully and often patients suffered from hypothermia due to the blankets not warming properly. Bair Hugger devices including Model 500, Model 505, Model 750, and Model 775 were named in the lawsuits.

why are the warming devices defective?

According to the lawsuits filed against the Bair Hugger devices, patients that used them following a hip or knee replacement surgery later suffered from complications caused by infections associated with the blankets.  

Many cases were seen where patients lost limbs to the infection, and some even faced death. Since these complications were following major replacement surgeries, the infections were often too difficult to treat.  

Other complications associated with the defective blankets include sepsis, pneumonia, bloodstream infections, skin infections, additional surgeries, hospitalization, and sometimes even amputation.


what can i do if i think i was a victim? 

If you experienced infections after using a Bair Hugger warming device, you could be entitled to financial compensation. This claim is time sensitive, meaning if you were affected, you have a limited amount of time to file. Start on your path to justice by filing a claim today.

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